Warner Bros’ Monsterverse icons Godzilla and Kong demonstrated just what it takes to prove that theater and home streaming can coexist in the movie industry. Actually, people went to see the movie not so much for the storyline, but for the excitement of watching Godzilla and Kong pitted against each other. The two later proved that robotic monsters are no match to their inherent super strength and innate intelligence.

While the movie continues to run in theaters, and at the same time available for streaming via AT&T Inc. WarnerMedia, the Monsterverse motion picture, had dominated the box office for three straight weeks. Market researcher Comscore Inc reported that in weekend sales alone, Godzilla vs. Kong raked in as much as $7.7 million in North American theaters.

To date the movie has grossed $69.5 million in North American theaters, which when combined with the ticket sales recorded by international theaters where the movie was released in advance, total sales amount to $357.8 million to date, and still growing.


Godzilla vs. Kong Streaming Prrformance at HBO Max

Samba TV, a streaming ratings firm that polls viewers using terrestrial smart TVs reported that on the first five days, 3.6 million households streamed Godzilla vs. Kong on HBO Max. Samba’s independent poll corroborated the claim of WarnerMedia execs who said that the movie had a larger number of viewers when compared with any other programs since HBO Max’s launch.