Since March, a number of films that were supposed to premiere got delayed to a more auspicious time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some movie producers were able to come up with an exact date of their movie’s new release date, in spite of the fact that movie theaters may have to remain close as COVID-19 infection rate continues to rise in every country. Some health experts have warned that making the movie theaters accessible to the public in the coming months would only bring more harm, although there are a few suggestions on how the movie industry could still thrive amid the pandemic while preventing the possible transmission of the disease.

Public Health Should Be Prioritized In Making Plans About Saving The Movie Industry

Since lockdowns were imposed on major cities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many sectors connected to the movie industry admitted that they are suffering a great deal due to the lack of movie-goers, which is their main source of income.

As long as there is no vaccine or cure available yet, movie theaters will have to remain closed, thus hurting not only the theater owners but also the producers of these movies who have already invested a huge some of money and are awaiting return of their investment. As these movies remain postponed to an indefinite date, those who are involved in these movies will have to wait longer for their cut of the profit.

This does not only include the writers, directors, and actors that comprise these movies. Even the ordinary staff behind the camera will feel the brunt of the postponement, and they are the ones to suffer the most. Putting all these into consideration, some things must be done in order to save the movie industry from crumbling, and some people think that pushing through with the premieres later this year would be the solution.

Knowing the new release dates of the upcoming 2020 movies will be much easier if there is a usps near me. Unfortunately, opening the movie theaters to the public would increase the risk of getting more people infected by the novel coronavirus. Even though every person must already be made aware of the repercussions, their several weeks of isolation inside their homes should be the reason for them to risk everything and enjoy their much-awaited movies at a public space. 

With this, there are many alternatives that were suggested so that the release of movies can proceed this year without risking the health of the viewers. For one, having the movies released online is a popular suggestion, although producers might not consider this as the income from online streaming media is quite limited.