Life lessons, inspiring stories, and universal values can be found in soccer, making it more than just a sport.

The beautiful game has obviously been the subject of numerous landmark films. As we go along this post, we will unravel the best soccer movies not only for kids but also for the whole family to enjoy. Watching these movies will also be a perfect time for the kids and parents to have a good bonding moments while parents are introducing the soccer sports to their kids. That will also provide them with some inspiration and entertainment while you are having a journey through diverse movie genre.

Best Movies about Soccer for Kids

Before grabbing those popcorns, check out the following movies for you to enjoy:

Bend It Like Beckham

This movie is all about a young girl who were determined to play soccer eventhough her traditional family was against it. It was really an inspiring movie as some soccer striker had lots of improvements when it comes to bend shots at any different obstacles.

Kicking & Screaming

A humorous movie that has a soccer-theme is all about a father who was also a soccer coach for his son. As they go along their soccer play, he learned the importance of cooperation and sportsmanship. Will Ferrell remarkably portrayed the role of a youth soccer coach and he did it well as he also performed his funny role perfectly.

The Game of their Lives

The Game of their Lives is actually a real-life movie. This is a dramatic adaptation of the story of the American Soccer team that won the World Cup in the 1950.

Air Bud: World Pup

A dog who is also good at basketball—what could be better? Obviously, a canine with soccer skills. Join the Timberwolves soccer team as they follow the antics of Buddy, a Golden Retriever, as he tries to win the championship.

Little Giants

This fun sports comedy from Warner Bros. Pictures came out in 1994. A  talented young girl who plays soccer but isn’t picked for the football squad due to her gender is the protagonist of the film. As a form of discipline, the girl’s dad forms a team to take on the elite football squad, whose coach happens to be his older brother.

Conclusion: Kicking the Ball to Hit the Goal

A wonderful method to expose children to the delights of sports is to sit down with some popcorn and watch a children’s soccer movie. If you are from a long distance with your kids, you can also have a 무료해외축구중계 of these films. From Bend It Like Beckham’s enchanted football experience to The Game of Their Lives’ achievements, show that with heart, determination, and hard work, everything is possible.