You used to go to the cinema to watch a movie. Or to the video store: years ago is an absolute relief. You could get through the weekend by borrowing video tapes or DVDs. That is outdated: there is probably no longer a video store in your area. Now you can binge watch via streaming services such as Netflix and Videoland. In other words: watch unlimited series and films via the internet.

Stream movies: watch movies over the internet

Nowadays more people watch movies over the internet. We call it ‘streaming’, from the English word . In practice, this means that you watch a movie via the internet via your TV, tablet or telephone. The nice thing about streaming is that you don’t have to download the movie in advance. During playback, your device downloads subsequent scenes.

What do I need to watch movies over the internet?

To stream movies, you need a few things: a device connected to the internet and a subscription or account for a streaming service. You can stream movies via mobile internet, but also via Wi-Fi. The latter is useful if you do not have an Unlimited Data bundle. You can stream movies on various devices: from your phone and tablet to your laptop and smart TV. Don’t have a smart TV? By connecting a Chromecast to your TV, you can play images from your phone on your TV.

Which streaming services allow you to watch movies over the internet?

To stream movies, use a streaming service, such as Netflix or Videoland. Most streaming services have a subscription that can be canceled monthly, but with some you can also pay per film.

Below we list the most important video-on-demand services for you.

Netflix is ​​a video-on-demand service where you pay a fixed amount per month. It has an extensive range of films and series that is updated daily.

Just like Netflix, Videoland is a video-on-demand service where you pay a fixed amount per month. The advantage of Videoland is that in addition to international films, you can also find many Dutch films, series and TV programs.

Disney +
With this service you can watch all Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar films. To use Disney +, you can create an account online. Then you download the Disney + app on your smartphone or tablet.

Apple TV
With Apple TV you can buy or rent movies. You pay it per piece, so it is not a subscription. The advantage of this is that the offer is very large. Almost every movie can be watched via Apple Movies.

Google Play
You can also buy and watch individual films and series via the Google Play Store thanks to the ‘mobile app company’.

Pathé Home
With this you can buy individual films and watch them via the internet. The prices are about the same as with Apple TV and Google Play. The big advantage of paying per film is that you are not tied to anything.

You can also watch films via YouTube. For this YouTube uses the film offer of parent company Google. That’s easy, because you probably already have the YouTube app. It makes it nice and easy to watch movies via the internet.

TV Anywhere
This allows you to watch live television and stream films from our on-demand video library. Part of this offer is even free! Ideal for watching movies via the internet if you are on the road and want to kill time, for example.