Today, there seems to be an overwhelming number of streaming platforms that lets you watch pretty much anything you think of. With the likes of Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix and the likes, it is safe to say that there’s no lack of entertainment for consumers. Coupled with the shutdown of theaters due to Covid-19, a lot of new movies are now hitting the digital libraries.

Because of this, these streaming services are really cashing in on the opportunity as more and more people are signing up for their service. Then again, if you do not have enough to spare for such, there are still tons of free options that you can get as alternative.

As a matter of fact, a lot of companies are now using ad-supported models to provide free programming such as the Peacock service from the NBC. It is reported that it will introduce a “free” tier in its platform. Other options that you can try are discussed below.

YouTube Shows and Movies

YouTube can be considered as the original video platform to ever bless the digital space. YouTube literally has tons of ways to watch your favorite movies and TV. You may either by or rent the movie directly from the platform or register to its live TV service.

At the same time, YouTube has tons of free content and not only user-submitted videos. YouTube Movies free-to-watch playlist has over 400 films that can be watched with ads in between.


You read that right, the internet movie database has its very own streaming service. The site houses TV favorites and Hollywood blockbuster that are totally free to watch with some ads.


This platform is aiming to be the one-stop shop for consumers. The site actually stores all media format you can think of from videos, music, photos, podcasts and even Virtual Reality. Aside from the personal storage library they offer, they offer wide selection of free TV shows and movies. This becomes possible with their partnership with MGM, Warner Bros., Magnolia Pictures, Crackle, Lionsgate and Legendary Pictures.

So the next time that you feel watching some flicks or TV series while you are out and about with yourcamperlife, and you don’t have money to fork out on premium streaming services, these alternatives may just work.