There are so many movies being made and released these days. Some were bad, some were good and selected few were shutting down the box office. Of course, for any film producers and directors, being in the latter is the ultimate goal. But what does it make to come up with a great move? Does it have some to do with:

  • Great story?
  • Great characters?
  • Beautiful cinematography?
  • Actor’s performance?
  • The soundtrack?

Simply speaking, the answer to that question lies on all the said elements. The culmination of these things plus the wonderful execution makes a movie to be remembered, even after years. Of course, there are many things to be considered when making a movie. As per experts, these include scripts, acting skills, proper timing, sound effects and good visuals.

All these elements make a film great. However, let us focus on one thing that can either make or break a movie. It is none other than “storytelling”. Now, cinemas are all about storytelling. Almost everything that’s been put into the film from lighting, song, props, dialog or editing is communicating to each other and to your audience. And unfortunately, there are tons of screenwriters and filmmakers that have failed to integrate these aspects in their movies over and over and over which leads to subtext.

Don’t Give the Obvious

In the movie industry, subtext may be used in anything in the film whether scripts, cinematography or editing. In essence, subtext is everything about the subtle message you want to convey to the audience without explicitly and obviously stating them.

Over explaining or having clunky expositional scenes will make your story to feel heavy. It is like telling your audience what is going to happen rather than igniting their senses to dig deeper into the story and find it out on their own.

Be Concise and Clear with Your Scripts

Fortunately, there is a better way of doing subtext. Most experienced screenwriters are trying to cut the dialogue to bare minimum. If you have blocks of dialogue, then try cutting it down to a couple of lines and see if you can still convey what you wanted to. If it does, then use it. This is much better as your audience will be more interested and engaged in watching your film. At the end of the day, being clear with your message is very important, be it in movies or when selling stuff online such as in D2 itemstore.