In cinemas these days, it has almost become common for a blockbuster movie to reach billion-dollar revenue. Well, thanks to the titles released by Marvel, the movie Avatar and so forth. Placing major movies together with companies similar to Facebook is guaranteed to rake in tons of money. With lots of studios that are riding on success experienced by films, marketing is a huge opportunity among creative designers.

Let us take a look at few of the effective materials in film marketing. This is none other than promo posters that have been widely used on older movies. Of course today, posters are rendered by a computer creating a digital copy of it. But let’s face it, the older methods of creating movie posters have set the foundation of the key elements which largely contributed to its success. As a matter of fact, these elements are what used by artists contributing in Paint by Numbers to create their masterwork.

But what actually are these key elements that have formed modern posters for movie?

If there is a simple sale formula that everyone needs to know especially if after a performance-based position, then it is nothing than AIDA. This is otherwise known as:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire and
  • Action

Let us take a brief look on each of these aspects.


For thousands of movies that have been released in the market, this is the formula being used and the foundation for a successful advertising campaign of movies.


The most effective and impacting movie posters are the most iconic as well.

It is something that should present the theme of the movie without resorting to literally saying what it is about.

Here, posters are using imagery whether close-up of an item or character of a major plot point or even a simple graphic in establishing the plot of the film. This is combined with attention-grabbing designs which can be an effective way of generating attention and creating interests at the same time.


When making use of icons as well as abstract images does not work in your film, say like thriller or drama, it cannot be explained simply using iconography. Most of the modern best posters are using pictures that are putting the viewers in the middle of scene from film which creates tension and major incentives.


With film studios releasing comic book adaptations at rapid rate, it is the diehard fans who end up last in marketing line. As a matter of fact, studios can depend on the in seeing their new release no matter what the promotional materials or review coverage as the chances are high that they are aware of it already.