Actors with superman-like bodies usually do not make second thoughts trying out for a major role, especially if it an action or a superhero movie. Of course, they are probably thinking “I do not want my effort to get wasted and this body deserves a major role”. Hundreds of actors and even regular person line up just to get that role. But do you ever wonder how those buff actors achieve those biceps and six-pack abs? First and foremost it is not magic, but in most cases, steroids make it happen.

Every time I am watching a movie and I see an actor with a buff body, and I think it is hard to get by diet and regular gym, I do not hesitate to think that the person is taking steroids, or an alternative to male testosterone that aids muscle development. While most male gym goers use steroids, I just recently learned that not everyone is fond of taking it because there are health risks associated with the usage of steroids. There are also performance enhancing drugs that were developed and less likely to have side effects similar to steroids It promises to deliver great results with very minimal side effects.

Even though the negative side effects of steroids are very prominent, there are still many Hollywood actors that did not stop the usage of steroids especially those actor who are starring in a superhero movie.

So who among the Hollywood superstars and using steroids and who are taking the legal path to a buff body?

Actors Who Never Once Use Steroids

1.Chris Hemsworth- Yes you read it right. Mr. Thor got that body through natural means.

2.Tom Hardy-  this one never used steroids. He just lives in the gym. Kidding aside, he is a gym over performer.

3.Chris Pratt- another galaxy superhero that did not think of resorting to steroids.

Actors Who Clearly Use Steroids

1.The Rock – well obviously, he has a body that looks a lot like a rock.

2.Sylvester Stallone- popularly known in the movie Rambo, he said that he got pressured and resorted to anabolic steroids.