A number of people consider themselves movie addict. If given the chance of being employed with a task of just watching movies all day, they will immediately grab the opportunity.

Having said these, many people download movies and even store it to different storage devices so they can watch the movies with their families and friends whenever and wherever they want to. This kind of people is also having a hard time deleting movies from the storage because for them, it is a collection and there might come a time that they will watch it again for no reason but they just love that movie.

Today, there are lots of solution for storing movies. The ways are digital and physical. Digital, of course, are movies downloaded online or films that were transferred from a friend or a family member’s storage device to yours. Physical way is if you are the type who collect DVDs and CDs. In physical what you will be needing is a rack or a customized storage for your collection.

Since, we are now living in the digital age, and we can easily access and download movies for free, people do not really exert effort and money to buy DVDs and collect it. They just download the movies and collect it using a storage device.

Movies can be stored in an external drive, flash drive or USB or even be kept in an online storage like Cloud. These storage gives everyone the benefit of accessing the movies the easiest way possible.  They are also able to share it with their friends just by simply giving the access to the storage.

The “must” for people who are into storing and sharing soft copy of movies is finding the best Plex server for them to have a library-like compilation of movies on their computers.