Dream of Watching moview with your friends or family while having road trip with your family car? Well, thanks to technology and how it was maximized by the automobile industry. You no longer have to watch at your own using your mobile phones especially during a long drive. There are already cars that has a build in mini monitor beside the rearview mirror.  The technology saw the need to innovate and provide a solution to kill boredome and improve the quality time among friends and family members. Hence, it is no doubt that there are plenty of  positive reviews among people who were already able to buy such automobile and according to the automobile industry, there will be more amazing improvements as years go buy. This, they believe will be very soon especially with the continuous technological advancements https://carcody.com/.

Being able to kill time while having fun while we are on a long trip or stuck in traffic is what most of us need. Years ago, when automobile with mini screen inside was not yet developed,  passengers, especially the driver is always irritated while traveling for long hours. Although if the person seated at the passenger seat will talk with the driver who is his/her friend, then it will be fine for the both of them. For the people at the back seat, they just used to do something on their phone or talk to each other. While this is the most common and simplest way, there will still come a time when chatting is not enough to kill time and you just want to watch something funny or exciting.

Through the automobile with mini tv screen installed inside it, passenger, especially family members will make the travel time more efficient. Moreover, it also lessens the time  when people are just browsing through their social media accounts. It promotes face to face communication, hence quality bonding.

However, there are oppositions regarding with this innovation. There are arguments saying that it may cause accident especially when the driver get engaged to what they are watching.
The automobile industry, in response, say that there are various way where you can put the screen.