The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony will come in a few weeks time, and movie fans and critics alike are already debating on which film deserves to win in this year’s Best Picture category. Some of the nominees are produced and directed by the usual names in Hollywood, and this should already be expected since these people spent many years to hone their crafts in film making. However, the 2020 Oscars was shaken by an excellent film coming from South Korea, which is poised to make history if it manages to win both the Best Picture award and the Best Internation Film award.

As you may have already heard, Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” made history earlier this week as the first South Korean movie nominated in the Oscars for best picture and best international film. Based on the critics’ reaction of the said movie during the recent Cannes Film Festival, there is no doubt that “Parasite” will eventually make its way to the Oscars, but it is a remarkable feat worth mentioning that the movie had huge impact that it was nominated for Best Picture along with the usual Hollywood-produced movies.

It Is The Foreign Movies’ Time To Shine As ‘Parasite’ Stole The Spotlight From Hollywood Films

While it is the first time that a movie from South Korea made it in the Oscars for two major categories, the country has been very consistent in making top calibre movies that deserve a nod in the international scene. The shocking thing actually is the fact that the Academy has been ignoring South Korean films over the years that many critics expected to make it in the list of nominees. One example of that would be Lee Chang-dong’s “Burning,” a critically-acclaimed thriller that failed to be included in the list last year. The exclusion of the film almost feels like one of those prank video calls, but the good news is that Parasite is likely to change the course of the annual Oscars nominations forever.

Critics believe that “Parasite” has opened an opportunity for Asian-based film makers to be recognized in an event as huge and significant as the Oscars. Perhaps we can see more foreign movies in the near future to be included in the Best Picture list of nominees, a sign that the Academy is making such progress of looking in other corners of the globe for the best quality movie. This is encouraging, especially for those amateur film makers who might still be using their phones to make a movie, but hoping to make it big someday.

Bong Joon Ho was nominated for Best Director for “Parasite,” while Jinmo Yang  was nominated for film editing and Lee Ha Jun and Cho Won Woo for production design.