A night off or a wonderful weekend without anything to do? These are the perfect days to slouch on the couch for a good movie or documentary film. Those are the perfect moments to set up a nice motorcycle film or documentary. To give you a helping hand, we have already made a pre-selection. These are real motor movies. Ten in total, so there is something for every motorcyclist. In any case, we wish you a lot of viewing pleasure!

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1. The world’s fastest Indian

You don’t just score a 7.8 on IMDB, the merciless website where all films receive a review from the general public. However, it is not strange that the world’s fastest Indian receives such a high rating, because you are indeed going to see an excellent film. New Zealander Burt Munro is central to this story, played by Anthony Hopkins. And that makes the Hollywood star unparalleled because you really sympathize with Munro during the construction and the speed records of the fastest Indian in the world. More than worth a look. You will certainly not regret it.

2. On any Sunday (and The Next Chapter)

Although this documentary by Bruce Brown already appeared on the silver screen more than 45 years ago, On any Sunday is still recommended to watch. The docu shows a perfect picture of the different branches of motorsport in the early years of the seventies. It now seems a bit corny, but the unique images remain very cool to see. In the film there is also a role for cult hero Steve McQueen, the king of cool. Have you been completely in the mood for this classic? Then also check On any Sunday: The next chapter, which was released in 2014. A similar docu, made by Dana Brown. Yes, the son of.

3. Easy Rider

This classic can of course not be missing in a list of the best motorcycle films. Easy Rider from director/actor Dennis Hopper reinforces the free-spirited image that surrounds bikers. You travel with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on two iconic choppers. And of course, the duo comes across everything along the way. Easy Rider was an instant success. The production costs of 400,000 dollars were therefore quickly recouped. The film earned more than 60 million dollars in just a few years.

4. TT3D: Closer to the edge

A classic in the making, this documentary about the TT on the Isle of Man. Director Richard de Aragues hits the right note with his view of one of the most famous motorcycle racing events in the world. He does this by giving Guy Martin a leading role. After seeing this documentary you will gain even more respect for the drivers who risk their lives several times a year by racing through narrow streets. It can be viewed in 3D, but Closer to the Edge doesn’t need that extra dimension at all.

5. Long way round


Not really a film or docu, but a series. So you really need some free time to watch the full Long way round. But Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman will not disappoint you. In eleven episodes you go around the world with the two British actors. Do you want to get in the mood to undertake a long journey yourself? Then you should definitely see the Long way round. Incidentally, there is also a Long way Down (mainly Africa) and there is likely to be a new trip for the duo soon.

6. The motorcycle diaries

Many action films like to use the cool factor of an engine, but a leading role is of course not often reserved for a two-wheeler. Well, how different is that in The motorcycle diaries. In the film we follow Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara in his younger years. Together with a friend, he travels through South America on a Norton. A compelling road movie that shows the Cuban guerrilla leader from a completely different side. The film also received very good reviews at the time and won several awards, including an Oscar.

7. The wild one

Still in black and white, so you can imagine that it was a while ago that The wild one premiered. The film tells the story of two rival motorcycle gangs that hold the village of Wrightsville in their grip. And so a lot of engines come into the picture. Superstar Marlon Brando carries the film and does it in style … on a Triumph Thunderbird.

8. Faster

Another documentary that is worth keeping a night off for. Faster takes you into the world of the MotoGP, the highest racing class on earth. Since the documentary is already fifteen years old, director Mark Neale focuses primarily on Valentino Rossi, the great ruler at the time. In addition to the nine-time world champion, Neale also zooms in on Garry McCoy, John Hopkins and Max Biaggi. Nice look in the kitchen, in a period that the MotoGP switches from 500 cc two-stroke to 1000 cc four-stroke. Mark Neale’s other four MotoGP docs (Faster and faster, Hitting the apex, Fastest and The doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid) are also recommended.

9. 21 Days under the sky

Four bikers set off with Easy Rider as a source of inspiration. In two weeks they covered six thousand kilometers and that road trip is told in about seventy minutes. Of course, the route over the Lincoln Highway provides the necessary highs and lows. A tasty road movie that gets you in the mood to set off on your own. And since it is winter now … you have plenty of time to put together your own trip.

10. MotoNomad

Probably the most unknown document in this list. You will not find Motonomads on a website like IMDB. Adam Riemann and Mark Portbury put on the bad shoes, went on an adventure (from Austria to Egypt) and bought some cameras to record it. Their method is nice and back to basic and that fits perfectly with Motonomads. This gives you the feeling that you belong to the ‘club’ even more. The use of enduros is the key to discovering the most beautiful places. If you like this movie, part two and three have now also been released.