Here are some tips for your phone filmograaphy:

Take High-Res

Why take at 4K to get a movie that is smartphone? Offers you a whole lot of liberty and latitude when you go into place. You will be able to harvest in if you want, by incorporating some location keyframes make a monitoring shot, if you would like to or downsample.

Use Custom Settings

Take action if your camera permits you to set customized settings! You may have the ability to correct your depth of field to have that bokeh that’s frequently lacking in cinematography that is smartphone. There are a number if your camera does not permit you to set customized configurations. I enjoy FiLMic Guru . . .and thus does Steven Soderbergh and Sean Baker. Plus it is just $15.

Don’t Treat Your Phone Like a phone

I know filmmaking is still sort of dogged on and seen as unprofessional. But listen, so lots of beautiful, cinematic work has been shot with smartphones. Do not cure your phone! . .so clearly they didn’t treat their phones like phones; they were handled by them like tools that are cinematic. You should do the same. If it breaks, visit BreakFixNow to have it fixed!

Exceptional Lighting

It is a misconception that cameras are exactly what create images seem cinematic. They don’t.  It is suggested to start shooting during Golden Hour, the time before sunrise and right after sunset, because that is when light is warm and soft and friggin’ stunning. And that’s just one, really simple and option. In case you have modifiers and lights, work look more professional and cinematic.