‘Tidying increases good fortune … and dramatically transforms our lives,’ – Marie Kondo

The tidying machine, Marie Kondo recently just sold millions of books worldwide, helped a lot of households in the world and recently just made a wide reach of viewers on Netflix on her edition of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

Marie Kondo talks about how much tidying up and living a minimalist life transforms people’s lifestyle and eventually allow them to grow better than they were before. She also instructed a different kind of self-love that involves only keeping those things that make your house looks healthy and livable, and which also can apply to your personal life. Tidying is as easy as the use of the best above the ground pool vacuum.

Today, I will walk you through a few reasons why you really need to see and watch Tidying Up With Marie Kondo today!

Sort Out the Mess

Life feels seriously messy sometimes. When you have a million things on your To-Do list, it can seem impossible to get everything done. Giving your space the Marie Kondo treatment will leave you feeling like you’ve really accomplished something. Plus, coming home to a clean and organised physical space can help you to feel like you’ve got the mental space to deal with the rest of the chaos.

Take a Screen Detox

Our lives revolve around screens, so taking a break every now and then can be really refreshing. We admit you’ll need to watch a few YouTube clips to learn how to fold your tees Kondo-style, but then you can tuck your phone away and get tidying. You’ll be surprised how an hour or two off your screen can leave you feeling relaxed and more connected to the real world.

Defining Sparks Joy

Defining what sparks joy is a very personal decision, but the way I would describe it for clothing is that the item fits now, it feels good, it is flattering, and you look forward to wearing it. Anything that doesn’t spark joy should be removed from the home after thanking it for its service.

This also says that you don’t really need to keep on collecting and keeping stuff is these don’t mean anything useful to you anymore. Like keeping a size 5 shoes when you now actually size 7.