Do you get inspiration for your camping holiday from classic films about people experiencing funny, sad, and special things in a camper, caravan, or tent? If you are inspired enough, go ahead and pack your gears from Ballachy, go camping and have a good vacation in the presence of nature.

Here are five films that will cheer you up during your camping holiday. How many films have you seen?

About Schmidt (2002)

Jack Nicholson does a great job as recently retired insurance agent Warren Schmidt, who comes home to find his wife has bought an RV for the fall adventure of a lifetime. However, the woman suddenly dies unexpectedly and the elderly Warren Schmidt, afraid of new things, leaves in the Winnebago RV to prevent his daughter’s marriage to the long-haired ne’er-do-well Randall.

Camping (2009)

In this small Danish film, veteran actress Kirsten Lehfeldt and the talented Mia Lyhne, starring Oliver Alexander Brandel, portray the story of Bodil. After the death of her husband, Bodil takes her emotionally retarded daughter and overweight son on a camping holiday with the intention of the bring family closer together. In the film, the family travels to Langeland, among other places.

City Slickers (1991)

The film itself isn’t a film about camping, but it is about a group of so-called “city slickers” who are, to put it mildly, unaccustomed to life outside of the big city. Billy Crystal stars as a frustrated Mitch Robbins trapped in a boring marriage. Mitch Robbins regains his energy when his friends give him a trip to a cattle ranch in Colorado. Jack Palance won an Oscar for his role as hard-nosed Curly.

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Clown: The Movie (2010)

In this film, Danish comedians Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam portray the roles of their lives as the big-city friends who take a trip down the Gudenå. On the journey, the two gentlemen encounter different problems that are similar to the embarrassing situations in the Danish TV series of the same name. In the film, warmth and presence are added to the awkwardness as Frank must demonstrate his fathering potential with young traveling companion Bo as his guinea pig. You can also see pictures from Bamsebo Camping, which is one of the locations in the film.

Great Outdoors – Holidays to Third (1988)

Dan Akroyd and John Candy star in this classic camping film set on a lake in beautiful Wisconsin. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong in this comedy. You won’t come across bears or raccoons here, but you can be unlucky with fellow campers. Our friends can handle any problem you can think of.