Chris Hemsworth broke Netflix’s record of most watched film when “Extraction” drew 93 million global viewers in just four weeks, toppling Adam Sandler’s 2018 “Murder Mystery.”


The “Extraction” title may sound familiar because Bruce Willis came out in a movie with the same title in 2015. They have different plots though, but both revolving around a rescue and extract a kidnap victim. Hemsworth’s movie though is more brutal, with very few dialogues in between fight scenes against an unexpected protagonist, the Pakistani police forces and a slew of armed bad ass Pakistani street kids.

Few Dialogues Allow the Movie to Flow with Fast-Paced Action Scenes

“Extraction” is a John Wick type of action movie that does away with too many long-running conversations. The rescue mission goes south and forces Rake’s team to discontinue the operation. Scenes unfold to show that everything’s getting out of hand. Since Tyler Rake is a noble mercenary at heart, he refuses to leave the rescued boy in the hands of the Pakistani drug lord who masterminded the kidnapping; or for that matter, to anyone trying to prevent Tyler from bringing the boy to a safe place.

Nonetheless, bits and pieces of info during scenes with exchanges of dialogues will suffice as explanations why Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) an Australian black market mercenary seems to have some kind of death wish; making him look extra brave and fearless in the face of deadly skirmishes. Ovi, Jr, the kidnap victim and son of an incarcerated Indian drug lord looks up to Tyler as a hero after witnessing the Australian’s death defying moves to protect him from their assailants.

Sam Hargrave Proved He Knows What It Takes to Keep Viewers Glued to a Movie

Former Hollywood stunt coordinator turned film director, Sam Hargrave, all the more proved his excellent reputation as an action movie filmmaker, which he established when he directed one Avengers movie after another: Endgame (2019),Infinity War (2018), Captain America: Civil War (2016). Hargrave used the right formula in keeping “Extraction” viewers glued to their TV screens; lest they get to miss any of fast-paced assault and car chase scenes.

Although one can always hit the pause button since this is a Netflix streamed entertainment, why be a spoilsport if others are watching alongside you?