Millions of Texans are without power as winter storm “Uri” was so devastating even the power plant buckled down form the freezing effect of the cold weather. Once again, Texan native singer-songwriter Beyonce immediately extended offers of help through her BeyGOOD Foundation. Her foundation and by way of a team up with Adidas and with Houston disaster organization Bread of Life.

Residents of Texas and in fact even from nearby states who have been badly affected by the storm can apply for USD 1,000 financial assistance. Applications are coursed through the Disaster Relief Assistance Application Form, which they can obtains from The Bread of Life. According to a tweet from the foundation, they are praying for the safety of the winter storm victims and that if they need more information about BEYGood/Adidas Financial Assistance, they can find additional information @BreadofLifeH.

The disaster organization has already partnered with BEYGood Foundation in the past, providing them support in helping natural disaster victims and for other global anti-hunger initiatives. Furthermore, the foundation’s offers of help are not limited to Texas and for natural disasters. Help extends to other states, and in supporting BLM movement, Black colleges, women’s issues, and housing programs.

What Texans are Currently Going Through

Citizens in the state of Texas are also currently experiencing scarcity of food and water crisis. After waiting in long lines, people are able to enter but only after grocery stores shelve are nearly empty. An Austin resident, Cristal Porter, reported that there were no eggs, no meat, and no potatoes, while little milk was left when she entered the store.

A lot of Texans have been struggling as there is no available heat and electricity during the past few days, while they are warned that the freezing temperature will last until this weekend. In the meantime, Texas lawmakers have bee finger pointing and trying to put the blame of power plants running on renewable energy. Yet everyone in Texas knows that the majority of their electricity is produced by a privately-owned company called ERCOT

Several public officials, including a mayor, have resigned, while Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his family flew to Cancun, Mexico.

However, Cruz had to take a quick flight back home after news of his Cancun vacation went viral in social media networks. In trying to save face, Cruz blamed his family for making him go with them