It can be rewarding to know how to edit videos. As a matter of fact, with the circumstances of the world today and many more people are switching to a work from home environment, a lot of them are transcending to become an online tutor and find online tutoring jobs in 2020.

Now, whether you are trying to learn how to edit your own video to be uploaded in YouTube, just trying out some video editing tools or doing it for work, online tutoring materials can help you. In filmmaking process, editing plays a critical role actually. Believe it or not, the video editor in a film gives equal contribution to the rhythm and tempo of the movie as a whole.

When you are editing a video, there are few rules that you have to follow. These rules are going to save you from feeling frustrated and be satisfied and happy with your work. If you are ready, then let us begin:

Set Realistic Expectations

Just before you start filming, you have to consider the tools that you are going to use and to what you actually want to achieve in it. For instance, showing in 4K can deliver jaw dropping image quality of your footage. However, it may compromise the frame rate. At the same time, the resolution will be subject to serious demands on the editing hardware. This can make the process a lot frustrating especially if your system can’t meet it.

Organize Everything

This is not related to editing videos but if you are combining videos made of small clips, sifting through a single folder filled with random file names will definitely drive you nuts.

So before you even start with the editing, go through the labels and footage and see to it that all files are properly labelled to reflect every scene. Doing this will help in optimizing the video editing process.

Always Create Backup

Regardless of the medium you are using, forgetting to hit the save button and losing the work you made is just as frustrating as it can get. Saving your work often is expected to any editors but what would happen if it is the hard drive that has given up and made you lost your footage for good? This is why having a backup is always important like for instance, creating a copy in an external hard drive or cloud will do. This way, no matter what happens or wherever you go, you know that you can easily have access to the video.