Man, from the beginning of time looked for ways to be entertained.

It’s indeed a human need. With our children being stock at home because of this pandemic they find watching movies a fun thing to do. We need this to function optimally. The film industry has provided us with plenty of films to like over the decades. It had gone through a lot of changes in terms of technology. Nevertheless, its purpose remained the same. To entertain and to touch the hearts of its audience. Viewing films and streaming videos in the Internet can be a fun. By watching movies one can utilize their mind and imagination. When we allow kids to watch movies and videos on the cinema or at home please consider the following:

Limiting Kids Screen Time

• Going to the theaters can make us feel excited and thrilled. The theater may be overwhelming for them. The loud and frightening scenes from the movie can cause anxiety to our little ones. 
• Children are scared off the dark. We can aggravate this fear if we bring them inside the movie theatre. Especially if the movie has scary scenes. They may develop this fear even with their parents beside them.
• Children cannot distinguish the difference  between fiction and reality. Be ready to explain the movie to our children. They will surely have plenty of questions after viewing it.
• We should be aware that some movies may have scenes that aren’t appropriate for their age. We should now this before we let them even sit down and watch. The scenes may have negative effect on our children.
• Children are copy cats by nature. We should allow them to watch movies appropriate for their ages.
• Adult Supervision is required at all times. •Inspect the movie’s Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating. This will ensure that children are watching movies appropriate for their ages. Browse on the reviews before you let your children view it. Some reviews will mention if this is good for kids. We should also preview the videos our kids watch on some social media sites.
• Every parent should put a limit to their children’s screen time. Schoolwork, chores, physical activity, sleep, their social and spiritual life should be prioritized.
• When inside the cinema don’t hesitate to leave if your child becomes upset or even frightened. • Parents must be an active participant in their children’s viewing experience. Watch together and make sure to discuss about the movie after watching. This allows quality time with our children. It’s the greatest gift we can offer them. Read more for other perfect gift ideas for your 10-year-old boy.
Watching a movie is still one of the most approved ways to find entertainment. Let’s make sure that our children are getting the right entertainment with the movies we let them watch.