‘Don’t Look Up’ hits hard with its satirical plot that clearly lambastshow the larger American society and politicians prefer to ignore the climate crisis. The Netflix title alludes not only to the approaching comet that could cause the planet’s extinction; but also to the behavior of the country’s ruling class. Their actions exemplify the so-called Ostrich Syndrome of trying to hide their prominence; preferring not to get involved in addressing whatever existential crisis is threatening their environment.

Director Adam McKay effectively used the climate crisis and the comet as metaphors to criticize how today’s societies allow media and news channels to sensationalize insignificant stories, and social media’s encouragement of the American youth’s obsession with pop culture.

Hopefully, the parodies and metaphors portrayed in the film will make viewers question their own actions and views. Not unless their biases is already deep-rooted, as they might consider the resemblance an affirmation and justification that what they say and do are normal. Mainly because there’s a lot of people out there who act and think just like them.

About the Main Cast pf ‘Don’t Look Up’

Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence are excellent in their roles as two different types of scientists, out on a mission to warn the world about a highly destructive comet approaching the Earth. Di Caprio shows his Oscar-worthy acting in his role of a hesitant and panicky professor. Always next to him is fellow Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence, who provides the perfect contrast to Di Caprio’s well-played character.

Actually, the entire cast comprises big names in the movie industry, although with limited screen times. Meryl Streep obviously had a lot of fun playing the incumbent President along with Jonah Hill as her assistant, as the pair was definitely hilarious with their quirky humor.