Prior to the holiday season, most of us are already planning trips with the family or friends, vacation, some even need to work at home. There are some who preferred  to stay at home and watch movies instead of going out of the town or country. Curling up in bed in pajamas and a great movie seem perfect unless we are lying in a a high quality mattress that will prevent spine fracture even while watching for a longer time. A cinema-like experience is possible in They provide an in depth review of the two best selling mattress available in the market. It lets you decide on what mattress to buy depending on your purpose and preference.

There are many choices when it comes to what movies to watch. Most of the time, people ask for movie recommendations. Hence, the purpose of this article. In order for you not to waste any time searching for movies to watch and asking your friends, we have prepared a list of best movies to watch during holiday:

  1. The Grinch- You have been probably hearing this movie ever since. This is primarily because the two Grinch movies are worth watching regardless of the version- animated or the Jim Carrey version. According to those who have the movie numerous times,t he Grinch is the most culturally relevant Christmas movie of all time. The movie tackles different issues the world is dealing with today.
  2. A Charlie Brown Christmas–  this movie is about a peanut gang that get together to celebrate the Christmas which features a little tiny Christmas Tree. This is perfect to those who are fond of watching a chill and relaxing movie.
  3. The Hangover– If you are not in the mood to watch a Christmas related movie,  then you might want to try this movie. The story is about the three groomsmen who wake in their Las Vegas hotel room only to find out that the groom is missing. The worse part is that they cannot remember a single thing about what happened that night. This is a super feel good movie where you will not notice that you are thumping your head.