Let us face it, this pandemic forced all walks of life to be more cautious in everything they do. However, this does not indicate that you cannot leave the house and make unforgettable memories. As a matter of fact, one way that can be done to still enjoy the world even in this pandemic is by going to a drive-in movie-theater.

Drive-in owners are also poised in riding the trend for physical distancing in an effort to contain Covid-19 and also, create a nostalgic feel among its consumers. Most of the operators are setting up sites that are offering wide and safe parking slots, revised the rules on concessions as well as performing extra cleaning in restrooms. Americans who like to get out of their house and see movies might like the idea as well. The truth is, 4 out of 5 people do not want indoor cinemas to return to operations despite the ease in restrictions on businesses.

Moving in to “New Normal”

The manager and owner of Ocala Drive-In in the state of Florida, John Watzke lives approximately 60 miles northwest of Orlando on Mississippi coast experienced first-hand Hurricane Katrina way back in 2005. Thus, it makes him so familiar of what a disaster is capable of doing to a business. He was also among the early believers in the capability of Covid-19 to destroy businesses.

So what he does is, he doubled the parking space for cars and introduced an online ordering system from concession stand along with delivery to numbered parking space, added walk-up concession window in an effort to boost food sales and also, established special area for folks who wish to walk their dogs.

The additional attention to concession plays a critical part for it is one of the main modes of revenue for his business to stay alive.

But one of the most valuable things to his customers is, assigning one staffer to clean restrooms constantly. He as well as his crew complete with face-mask and other accessories are monitoring the behavior of their guests as well as workers to avoid compromise on safety.

Watching Straight to Your Car

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