Man surfing


Do you really want to go surfing again with your brand-new surf leash, hear the sound of the sea and taste the salt on your lips?

You can’t think of anything else but your last surf holiday, the waves, and the great people you met there?

The longing tears your heart and you don’t know where to put your thoughts.

But unfortunately, your next holiday is far away and you have no way to pursue your longing!

Surf movies make life a little easier before and after your last surf holiday

What helps?

Unfortunately, nothing!

Let me tell you:

A woman’s longing for the sea is usually unstoppable.

So we surfer girls have no choice but to give ourselves full ballet to our longing.

If wanderlust, longing for the sea, and surf fever, then on the really hard way!

And what is best?

Well, watch one surf movie after another!

What is so special about surf movies?

Surf movies catapult you directly into the line-up with their stories, sometimes taking you to the most exotic places and to the biggest waves on earth.

They are a mirror of our imagination! Through them, you can live your dream, always looking for new surf spots, discovering cultures, and riding endless waves.

Let yourself be devoured by the surf films with skin and hair and immerse yourself in the stories of the sea, sun, and the perfect wave.


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The best surf movies

Come with us and let your head fill with the most beautiful dreams of the perfect wave and the blood flowing through your veins will become salty again.

I have compiled a list of my favorite surf movies and give you the guarantee of 100% surfing passion.

Castle in the sky and Missing

Oh, how I adore this director! Taylor Steele is one of the great surf filmmakers for me. He just got it out to capture the perfect mood in his surf trips! All his films are absolutely worth seeing!


How a surfboard can completely change a small village at the end of the world.

This surf film documents the story of a small village in Papua New Guinea. In the 80s, an Australian pilot left his surfboard in Lido, shaping and changing village life forever.

Soul Surfers

The poignant story of Bethany Hamilton blows me away again and again. How this girl did not lose faith in life and goodness after such a heavy stroke of fate (shark attack), is simply unbelievable. She is one of my role models in the surfing scene, an outstanding personality. Here you can buy the surf movie or her great biography.

The Old, The Young & The Sea

One of my favorite surf documentaries. This wonderful surf film portrays various people who are at home on the European Atlantic coast. Everyone is represented from surfers, sailors, and environmentalists to dropouts.

View from Blue Moon

Surf movies speak their own language and the first film by surfer John John Florence proves this in a very special way – everything is just right! The moving images enter into a symbiosis with the music and you surf together with John John Florence on the seas of this wonderful earth.