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The US history is a fascinating but very complex to watch online almost ever since its earliest free colonial years. On this huge continent, a countless number of factions competed for dominance over the short period since it was first inhabited by settlers, slaves and free people from other parts of the globe. In this struggle, as in Hidden Figures, it was the members of the Africa-American community who have seemingly always drawn the short straw no matter how much they watch.

Over different periods, the slaves and their free descendants often ended up with a rotten deal provided by the white and otherwise dominant community. But, to watch Hidden Figures online free or in a movie theater is to learn about an almost forgotten part of the US history that shows just how big of a role the African-American community played in the forging of the same nation. Even if you watch the periods like the early 1960’s which were fully divided on the basis of skin color, there still was a group of dark-skinned people who worked on the most important project online in the US at that time.

Hidden Figures full movie follows a plot that could have easily come from the mind of a very creative writer, in spite of being completely true and pleasure to watch. In it, the director Theodore Melfi follows online the lives of three free women of African-American background who are working at the NASA while the scorching cold war is being fought covertly against the USSR. The same conflict was also very prominent in the domain of the space race and here Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson began playing their part for the history online free. The leading figure of them is Katherine, who is a brilliant mathematician, able to do algebra at an impressive level ever since she was a small child.

You can watch Hidden Figures online and learn a real story

She, like the other two women, through sheer merit and free dedication, attained a position inside of the NASA’s key department. Watch how Katherine, with the assistance of her friends, who worked on the jobs in the West Area Computers division online, which created a free calculation that would later allow John Glenn to end up the first US astronaut to make a full orbit around Earth. As big as this endeavor was, watch the women of Hidden Figures who still worked in a segregated environment where they went through many issues of the racist age in the US.

Inside NASA


Taraji P. Henson, known online for her role in the Fox TV show The Empire which you can watch free, took on the character of Katherine Johnson in Hidden Figures and managed to create an impressive representation of a woman who had so much against her but still ended up being a vital part of her age. Her two co-stars also do a solid job, while on the side of the white majority is Al Harrison, who is played by Kevin Costner and who was the Katherine boss at that time. Costner, a veteran with more than three decades of leading roles, easily made Harrison into someone who was focused on his job for free, but still mindful of the changing times in which they all found themselves. Hidden Figures watch online includes a lot of moments when the tension between the segregated communities comes to the forefront.

Hidden Figures might not be the most exciting film about the space race you can watch, but it brings an interesting and forgotten tale to the audience online, in the cinema and even for free. In the light of the recent events in the US, this is a part of history that should be remembered. To watch Hidden Figures is to provide homage to those invisible women who gave so much for their country in its free time.

Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Actors: Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson
Director: Theodore Melfi
Year: 2016
Runtime: 127 minutes
Rating: 7.8/10 (94,971 votes)
Rated: PG