How to Be Single

How to Be Single

The city of New York is full of lonely hearts that seek their perfect match, and what Robin, Alice, Meg, Lucy, David and Tom all have quite in common is their need to learn constantly how to be single in a planet filled with evolving meanings of love.

Most people automatically think that they don’t need a movie that tells them how to spend their lives. However, toying with this convention of romantic comedies is exactly what sets this particular film apart from others, and places it as one of those uncommon star-studded ensembles casts features that are actually worth your time! It is definitely refreshing to watch How to Be Single online – a story, in which the various perks of the single life are explored in different ways, instead of having the protagonists look for their true love for two hours.

It additionally helps that all of this movie’s actors are given roles which directly play to their true strengths. Rebel Wilson does a great job as the wild character of the group; Leslie Mann is incredible as the grumpy doctor who doesn’t understand the value of relationships or children. Dakota Johnson obtains different emotions as the confused young woman who’s not exactly sure of what she desires, along with many other great performances. Damon Wayans Jr. also has a small role in a minor subplot that momentarily seems superfluous, but by the film’s ending becomes one of its most fascinating pieces.

The film doesn’t go for the low-brow type of humor that one would expect after seeing the trailer, but rather uses all of the intertwining stories and characters to explore the various lifestyles, freedoms and benefits of being alone. However, this doesn’t mean that none of the movie’s characters find love since some of them ultimately do, and that helps keep the film unpredictable in some way, as you won’t really be sure which characters end up with who.

Alice and Robin

You’ll find that the ending is pretty subversive for its mainstream genre, catching us off guard in particular places. It’s also not exactly concerned with sad or happy endings, but portraying situations in quite a realistic manner, which also provides the full movie some degree of emotional substance.

This movie is indeed much better than most expect it to be. It has some great low-brow laughs combined with a subversive and smart story, which features recognizable faces and interesting characters putting in the great work that is expected from them. It’s nice seeing the romantic comedy formula get a bit shaken up, even if not all the tropes are avoided.

Anybody who has experienced the various benefits and disadvantages of the bachelor life would enjoy this film. It is perfect for a group of friends who want an excellent story to talk about when out for a beer, or even for a couple who want a nice romantic evening together in bed.

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Actors: Alison Brie, Dakota Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson
Director: Christian Ditter
Year: 2016
Runtime: 110 minutes
Rating: 6.1/10 (59,769 votes)
Rated: R