GladiatorGladiator screenwriter and card-carrying Trekkie John Logan pumps passion into a venerable sci-fi franchise.
If there’s anything unique about me doing this movie, it’s that it’s the only one written by a fan who was literally weaned on Star Trek, explains screenwriter John Logan. “It wasn’t a job; I’ve had plenty of jobs. I could work with anyone. I chose to do this because I am an enthusiast.

One of Hollywood’s most in-demand scenarists thanks to his work we can watch Gladiator online, the 2000 blockbuster , Logan was brought into the franchise by friend Brent Spiner, who plays Next Generation android Data. Spiner also brought Logan into czar Rick Berman’s office – a big fan going into the wizard’s lair, as Logan puts it – and the trio trying to inject violence and, with any luck, passion into the 10th feature, Nemesis.

Directed by Stuart Baird – whose credits include the actioners xecutive Decision and U.S. Marshals – Nemesis certainly seems destined to delight fanatics: For one thing, its script very consciously evokes the submarine-battle structure of favorite The Wrath of Khan. Set against the backdrop of a civil war within the shadowy and much-feared Romulan Empire, the new film features Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) matching wits with Shinzon (Tom Hardy) – a charismatic villain with a curious resemblance to the Enterprise commander – and it culminates in a prolonged space-battle climax designed to put fannies in seats.


I would like to think that Nemesis hits all the right buttons – that it is eminently satisfying to the fans, says Logan. Because frankly, that’s my concern. I do this because I am a fan. If the fans like it, then I it’s all good, and I can say I’ve done the right decisions. If they don’t like what I’ve done, then this is serious mistake and not what other moviegoers like me want to see.

Here’s what Logan had to say about his love affair with Trek, his rapid journey from Chicago playwright to Hollywood big-shot, and the curious announcement that he will be writing a sequel.

Genre: Action, Drama
Actors: Connie Nielsen, Joaquin Phoenix, Oliver Reed, Russell Crowe
Director: Ridley Scott
Year: 2000
Runtime: 155 minutes
Rating: 8.5/10 (1,052,752 votes)
Rated: R